Cantaport - Cantilever Patio's & Carports

Cantaport delivers a new and unique generation of carports, patio solutions, awnings and shading systems produced in Japan using state of the art technology to the highest standards. Certified to Australian standards, Cantaport offers an affordable alternative with our carports, patios and shading systems are simple but above all offer an affordable alternative. Cantaport is unbeaten when providing stylish, resilient, compact, weatherproof and enduring carports, patios, verandahs, pergolas, gazebos and shading solutions. Join the twenty first century with an alternative to gable and skillion rooves.

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home1.jpgKCR Single Basic

Allow Cantaport to create an environment for your home with our awnings, carports, courtyards, patios and outdoor shading solutions. The cantilevering advantage of the cantaport design eliminates extra posts to offer an open and functional outdoor space (we can also provide longer and higher posts). You’ll be able to manoeuvre the car, place furniture, set up an alfresco area with the BBQ and enjoy the extra space provided by less posts. Built-in gutters and rainwater downpipe ensures an efficient, fuss-free structure. Installation can be do it yourself with one of our DIY kits or by one of Cantaport’s installers who will erect your structure in no time at all.

home2.jpgKCR Y Connection

Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen or entertainment area, modern gazebo or modified alfresco area Cantaport offers you a range of signature colours enhancing your home’s design scheme. Need to cover your pool or pool bar or do you require an awning to shade your spa, sand pit or play area for the children?

pool2.jpgKCR Single Basic

Rest assured the polycarbonate roofing shields 100% of UV rays and 75% heat. Or do you need to cover your boat, caravan, trailer, high roof vehicle, truck, motorbike or bicycle?

Cantaport can offer a basic garage structure, enclosure or offer an architecturally designed structure featuring anodised aluminium with Heat Protect solid carbonate sheets to ensure a corrosion free and long lasting shading choice. Each cantaport has its own serial number from the manufacturer and a certificate of authenticity.

bbq_1.jpgKCR Single Basic

Commercially we provide car yards, drive thru shelters, parking and car bay solutions, recreational and private courtyards, playground cover, swimming pool shading, common area shading, bus and train terminal covers, sporting arenas, office and hotel entrance covers, walkway awnings and inline shade systems for your business or public area. Need a roof to cover an outdoor meeting area?

Call Cantaport today on 1800 178 622 or fill in our contact form and we’ll be only too happy to assist you with any queries or requests for quotes.