Bikes & Motorcycle Shelters

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Cantaport Shading Systems have been used extensively throughout Asia & Europe for Bikes and Motorcycle Shelters. Cantaport provides an instant alternative for bike shelters. The cantaport modular design can be adopted to cover from a small amount of bicycles, through to large designated bicycle parking areas.

The advantages with the cantaport modular design, allows for various configurations without the need for many modifications. The cantaport shading systems can be installed back to back, inline and as a wide beam. Maximising more cover with minimal posts.

The roof cover sheeting can be solid sheeting or our very own polycarbonated sheeting that will keep the bicycles cooler in the summer months. The polycarbonated sheeting reduces the heat by 75%, reduces the UV rays by 99% and is 250 times stronger then glass.


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