Recreational & Common Area Shading

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rec1.jpgCantaport Shading Systems can be applied to School play areas, recreational sporting clubs, retirement villages, childcare centres and public buildings.

The design flexibility allows for large spans to cover large open areas.

rec2.jpgThe Cantaport Shading Systems Y Connections, M Connections and Triple Connections can provide more generous shaded areas with single spans from 5.0m to 8.0m wide.

The applications can be used as extended display areas, common areas and undercover seated areas.

The anodised aluminium engineered structure has been designed to withhold over 125 km winds and certified to Australian Standards.

The polycarbonated roof panels have been manufactured to reduce the heat by 75% and eliminate 99% of UV rays. Cantaport Shading Systems, the alternative shading option.

Recreational & Common
Area Shading