Walkway Awnings

Walkway Awnings and Shelters Brochure.pdf [0.1 MB]
Walkway Variations Brochure.pdf [1.4 MB]

Cantaport Shading Systems make an excellent choice for walkway shelters. The Cantaport products have been individually designed and engineered to cater for various applications.

The Cantaport walkway shelters is one of many engineered designs to cater for that application. The flexible design allows the walkway shelters to wrap around buildings and pathways.

Cantaport's versatile awning systems, walkway and shelter designs can be applied to various locations:

  • Bus, Train and Ferry Terminals, etc
  • School and University grounds, campus
  • Hospitals, Health Centres, etc
  • Shopping Centres, Malls, Entrances, Stairwells etc
  • Sporting Arenas -  for spectators, coaches, players etc
  • Public Footpaths, covered walkways, car parks etc
  • Marinas
  • Parks and Reserves
walk3.jpgCantaport has been designed to ELIMINATE 99% UV Rays and REDUCE HEAT BY 75%. All certified to Australian Standards . Cantaport offers a real alternative.